Welcome to #FPGlobal

What is #FPGlobal?

This community-engagement portal is for people who like (or want) to speak Francoprovençal . Our goal is to bring together people from different places who share the Francoprovençal heritage.

To promote cross-cultural exchange, we investigate specific topics like: cooking, sports, religious life, rural life, family, etc.

On the site you can find (and contribute) themes, actions, thoughts and things to do. You are asked, through an image, a thought, a sentence or a photo, to share something in Francoprovençal. We want to connect the Francoprovençal people of the world so they can meet and communicate.

This is a preliminary version of a platform that will support and bring together people who want to learn, speak, revitalize, and study varieties of Francoprovençal.

Let’s preserve and promote this language! Click on a flag below to get started:

Latest Challenges

Participate in our latest social media challenges and connect with other Francoprovençal speakers.

Francoprovençal Resources

Learn move about Francoprovençal.

Francoprovençal Worldwide

Wondering where Francoprovençal is spoken? Take a look at the map below. Black dots represent regions of FP speakers, and red dots represent #FPGlobal partners.

Want to help us document FP speakers worldwide? Our goal is to make content on this platform (and any data you provide) widely available for language practice, language teaching and research on linguistic variation and change and the development of orthography in communities that lack a shared writing system.